Significance of Digital Marketing over the Career Development Outlook: Technobuddy

The digital marketing approach is defined as the hub for all marketing activities for the products or services follows several online platforms. With the continuous advancement in technology and innovation, many business units are utilizing digital approach along with their marketing activities.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Because of continued growth in the technological advancement and market competition, small to big companies started to take the assistance of digitization to improve their rate of success.

Some of the facts for which companies utilize internet marketing are as follows:

  • Successful management of customer relationship throughout several channels
  • Strength of customer engagement process
  • Give accurate in targeting expected clients based on their interests and priorities
  • Very powerful and communicative platform to debate on customer issues within a short span of time.

However, with the continuous development in the demand for the digital marketing skills, it helps to raise the opportunity standards in the job market. With its market ingress, the job market is thriving day-by-day, therefore makes a gigantic leap in a career opportunity amidst the students as well as professionals. From a career outlook, this digital marketing course becomes the actual boost among the students and even professionals.

Eligibility for Digital Marketing Course?

  • The students who are undergraduates, graduates, MBA (marketing) can apply for this course
  • The professionals who are working as Marketing professionals, Business development executives in the field can take this course
  • Last, the entrepreneurs are also eligible for this course

Benefits of Taking Digital Marketing Course

  • Growth in Career Selection
  • Create a demand as a professional
  • Better stipend and good chances of salary increment

Those who are choosing this course may learn about the subsequent fields of skill such as search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and more.

On successful completion of this course, it not just assists the students but likewise working professionals to grab the excellent opportunity in this developing industry.


At the moment, as you are aware of the career growth in Digital Marketing, either you can gain learn more about it itself or you can look for the company who can provide you a good training. To explore the best, simply look for Technobuddy Reviews where you will view the valuable reviews marked by the aspirants. They will help you well to take a wise decision.


You Can Become A Microwave Engineer With Technobuddy

Engineering is the broadest field that has so many sub-branches offering growing career opportunities to aspirants. Microwave engineering is among one of them. TechnoBuddy is the high-flying company that is providing job to many candidates as microwave engineer every year. Aspirants are given the advanced knowledge with training and placement in the top companies. Gaining the best Technobuddy Reviews and great appreciation from students, the company is able to reach at the next level of success within very short time period.

Learning about the job roles and responsibilities help to make a good entry into the market. Get a short overview of relevant information needed to become a microwave engineer.

technobuddy (1)

What are Microwave signals?

Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic radiation and has a wide range of applications such as radar, communication, and more. These signals are more similar to radio broadcasting signals with only difference that radio wave is longer than a meter. Technically, microwave signals are defined as radiation and have the more advantage of being highly emphasized.

Microwave signals are used in variety of systems such as radios, telephones, portable communication systems such as wireless internet devices, aircraft navigation equipment, personal digital assistants, guidance systems for missiles, magnetic resonance imaging machines, and others.

Nature of microwave engineering

Microwave engineers are electronic engineers who are involved in designing, producing, testing, and setting up electronic components and machineries used for the transmission and receiving of microwave or short radio wave and signals.

Tasks of microwave engineer

Primary responsibility of a microwave engineer is to design the ICs (integrated circuits) and various electronic components used in microwave equipment. The professional works with the computer programs to model and explains the potential circuit. The microwave engineer then tests the model and evaluate correctly for its performance against preset standards. Then they ensure that preferred design completely and accurately meet the standards for microwave performance created by FCC (Federal Communication Commission).

After the complete testing of design, the engineer supervises the team of engineers and manufacturing staff for the successful creation of final component. The microwave engineer also responsible for ensuring that device better serves the requirements and solves the problem if customer has any.

Required education, skills, annual salary, job growth, and lots of information are there to get before making a career in this field. You can become a candidate; companies are looking by getting training from TechnoBuddy.

Digital Marketing Professional Job from Technobuddy

People interested in a career in digital marketing can be highly rewarding. One can make an entry into this fastest growing sector as the digital sales executives, search engine optimization (SEO) marketing specialists, Internet marketing specialists or digital marketing directors, among other options.

Digital marketing is the best career in the current era as internet becomes the widely used term nowadays. There are over billions of people accessing the internet across the world helping businesses to extend the market globally at wider level.

The educational requirements or qualifications can differ according to the position you want to make career. The digital marketers in common work to start the effective and result-driven marketing campaign online. Bachelor’s degree with hands-on experience with search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing can help you to boost the hiring opportunities.

TechnoBuddy is the pre-recruitment company offering the training and detailed knowledge of the current market to make a student a skilled professional. Providing the job-driven training and getting the admiring Technobuddy Reviews, the company has earned the reputed name in the market. The expert’s team has successfully placed many candidates in the top companies with very good salary package.

According to the Times of India, Digital Marketing create around 1 lakhs jobs in India coming up with the long list of digital marketing job opportunities. Before directly jumping onto the digital marketing job, it would be a good idea to find out how many career options are available for you in this field. Here are some of them:

  • Search engine optimizer
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Social media marketing expert
  • Content marketing manager
  • Search engine marketer
  • Inbound marketing manager
  • Copywriter
  • Conversion rate optimizer

The lucrative digital marketing opportunities can be explored in various fields such as SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Web Analytics.

If you want to kick start your digital marketing career learn more about this industry, new techniques, updates, and more with TechnoBuddy. After working on the Technobuddy Feedback, the company is able to give the highly improved and quality training and guaranteed placement to the willing candidate.

Apply for Networking Engineer with the Help of TechnoBuddy

Candidates who want to work as a leading engineer are provided the amazing opportunity to apply for networking engineer. TechoBuddy, the best engineering pre-recruitment firm is searching for the talented and passionate people for network engineer profile. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, IT or computer-related field is needed for this role. If you desire to apply for this job, TechnoBuddy provides the great support. The company provides best networking training to allow candidates develop the key job skills and get selected by the prominent firm.

Many candidates are giving the admiring Technobuddy reviews for the support of trainers who assist them with development of enhanced knowledge of job and quick placement. If you want to apply for network engineer, it would be good to know about this job and main responsibilities.

What does a network engineer do?

Network engineers also known as computer network architects work with the computer network of a company using IT to make the network system useful for all employees. The data networks can be LANs (Local Area Networks), WANs (Wide Area Networks), intranet and extranet. They must have the required skills to analyze where communications are going to be required, develop plans for the network, be advanced on new technologies, and determine hardware and wiring required for buildings. They design, build, and use the computer network software, hardware and servers as well.

Typical tasks of a network engineer include:

  • Create the new hardware and software
  • Set up the network atmosphere by designing system configuration, guiding system installation, and implementing system standards.
  • Arrange user accounts, passwords, and permissions to facilitate people to network access
  • Security to prevent unauthorized access
  • Monitor performance, schedule upgrades, troubleshoot network problems, and collaborate with network architects to maximize the network performance
  • Determine and solve faults or errors in the network
  • Report network working status by collecting, prioritizing the information and managing projects.

Is network engineer a good career for me?

If you’ve doubt whether this would be a right career for you, then you can consult with the experts of The experts help in determining whether you’ve useful skills and learning how to develop these abilities. A candidate who loves planning things, creating them, observing them work, and know their way around IT and computer could find network engineer a rewarding career.

Job Description for Telecom RF Engineering : TechnoBuddy

RF or Radio Frequency engineering is the most favored job profile in the telecommunication sector. The engineers are expert within the electrical engineering sector and work with the systems or devices that receive or transmit the radio waves such as radios, wireless equipment, and cellular phones. A candidate must be good in communication as they may require working with numbers of people inside and outside the company.

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Top reputed companies such as Tata Communication Limited, Ericsson Inc, etc recruit RF engineers with a good salary package starting from 2lakh per annum to the higher one. Radio Frequency engineers are responsible for many tasks such as management of GSM network optimization, its analysis, and more.

Following are the main primary and secondary job responsibilities of telecom RF engineer:

  • Examine the performance of B-mobile radio network by making the drive test and evaluate OSS generated reports.
  • Optimize and analyze the GSM network and enhance the performance.
  • Work with the field engineers of other sections such as radio network and switching to solve the issues related to radio network and maximize the network value and performance.
  • Optimize the accessible network by adjusting the several parameters of network and recommend useful solutions for hardware errors.
  • Hardware dimensioning
  • Perform the new site surveys for radio and transmission network for the development and new project work.
  • Make the cell design data for new BTS sites.
  • Analyze the traffic report and suggest the expansion
  • Prepare BoQ, tender, and evaluation.

These are generally the common tasks that RF engineer needs to perform. Other than these, it can be possible that they need to work for other job depending on what responsibility is assigned by their general manager or supervisor. Hence, a candidate must be equipped with all the required skills and latest knowledge.

If you want to become a telecom RF engineer and have the required degree in hand but not able to get the good job, take training from TechnoBuddy. Many interested people are getting training from the experienced tutors with good placement. Analyzing Technobuddy feedback, the company is able to make the necessary improvements and conduct the better training programs. Aspirants are getting the placement after the successful completion of session.   

Top 5 Telecom Engineer Skills Demanded by the Industries

Telecommunication engineering is the widely recognized profession in India that is considered to have a better future scope. As this field is changing rapidly so companies are also searching for the candidates with updated skills and in-depth expertise. They are demanding for the engineers who can better and quickly solve the queries providing the effective solution.

The new survey has shown that employers are now seeking the 5 important skills in every telecom engineer. Here is a list of them:

  1. Complete understanding of telecom networks

This is the important skill sought by employers for the improved network performance. An employee must have the ability to regulate, operate, and take the resulting data, coding skills to query networks for troubleshooting and determining normally used tactics for analyzing and assessing the performance.

  1. Good documentation skills

An engineer must have the ability to design and document the architectures, functionality, and necessary details of telecom software and infrastructure for an accurate documentation of the useful information that helps in maintenance and prospective upgrades.

  1. Telecom certification

This is one of the common requirement employers want to ensure candidate is properly trained about the industry trends. Technobuddy Reviews makes you understand how taking training and certification from the reputed company proves helpful. More and more interested people are now taking the telecom training for engineer from the pre-recruitment company to become well versed.

  1. Cross-platform skills

To get a better job in the leading company, an aspirant needs skills for several telecom systems. A person who is familiar with wide range of devices or system has more chance to get select for top position.

  1. Good communication skills

A telecom engineer not always needs to deal with only the organizational problems and work with team. But they also need to interact with the client and customer for satisfactory customer care service. So, they must have the good communication skills to serve the consumer in an effective manner.

People interested in working as the telecom engineer ensure that they must have at least these 5 skills. Training is one of the best ways to become skilled and perfect for the dream job.

Telecom Engineering in India- The Future Prospects and Scope

The telecom industry in India has witnessed an outstanding expansion during the last five years. Liberal economic policies, customer’s increasing demand, launching of new projects, de-licensing, and many more factors are there that led to this phenomenal growth within very short span of time. The significant growth results in larger customer base. In the current era, there is a highest demand for telecom engineers. Numbers of vacancies are available in India for this profile.

Scope of telecom engineer in India

Telecommunication engineering is the enormous area in the market that falls under the electronic engineering. The job responsibilities and day-to-day tasks range from installing the satellites, building data networks, basic circuit design, planned mass development, designing electronic switching systems, copper telephone facilities, video conferencing links, fiber optics, and their installation.

This job profile has seen unparalleled growth in the field and has excellent future scope. Indian telecommunication companies have announced that employees are rewarded with increased payment to show brightness about growing future.

There are total more than thousands of seats in telecom engineering provided by private as well as government colleges. If you are interested in this profile, it is essential to get the required qualification. Additional training programs are also available to fetch the opportunity for learning more.

If you dream to work as professional engineer then you require knowledge of state-of-the-art telecom technologies developed and utilized throughout the world. Learning is a never-ending course. Since technology is changing and developing everyday so telecom training becomes the basic need of an hour today. The employees need an ability to face up with a demanding environment to remain alert, successful, and maintain their strong competitive edge in the market.

In order to become a successful telecommunication or telecom engineer, you required to have major essential skills which are listed below:

  1. Better judgmental approach
  2. Innovation, design, and creative skills
  3. Greater flexibility
  4. Communication skills
  5. Management and organizational abilities
  6. Quality focus
  7. Excellent analytical mind
  8. Decision-making and problem-solving

With best training and experience, you can make your dream of becoming a telecom engineer into reality. Technobuddy Reviews ensure you how the aspirants are supported to get the hands-on experience, expertise, and placement for the relevant profession.